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Please read through our Studio Safety/FAQ's, book online, arrive on time, and have a wonderful next class back:)




Please bring a yoga mat, large towel and water!

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About us



I found Bikram yoga back in 2008 and it has been with me ever since. I am passionate about the yoga for what it has given me on my mat, as well as what it has done for me when I step off the mat and navigate through my path of life. Strength, patience, forgiveness, clarity, stillness and most of all compassion. It hasn't always given me what I wanted, or expected, but it has always given me what I needed at that time. I have been teaching the yoga since 2009 and am so thankful for my wonderful students. They have been my biggest teachers! Everyday I am grateful for the 90 minutes in the hot room, although it's not always easy to make time for, it is without question time best spent. Namaste!

Jake S.

I was first introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2002. I was an injured athlete with a torn hamstring and Bikram yoga allowed me to heal my body and to become one of the top hurdlers for California. I continued practicing and even competed in the Southern California yoga regionals in 2008. I graduated Teacher Training Fall 2010 in my hometown, San Diego. I love the challenge of coming into class everyday and overcoming obstacles, gaining balance and learning to let go. Teaching has greatly deepened my love and understanding for the practice. Even after all these years, I am always learning something new in the yoga room and enjoy seeing the effects of the yoga on all the students.


Hello … my name is Monica.


The yoga I didn’t think I needed came to me 11 years ago. When I began it soon revealed the realization we are all practicing some form of yoga  on and off the mat daily as we hang on to the swirling sphere around the sun we call home. Since then I’ve taught over a few thousand classes and on New Years Day 2021 I reached a 10 yr anniversary of doing so and... I still love it!


With each of our lives in a constant state of change each class is an opportunity to renew and reset our awareness and expectations. 


The intention I have for every class I teach is to bring the best direction and energy to your mind, your body and your practice.  My wish is it will guide you to become aware of and use your inner strengths to grow and build upon the intentions you bring to class..., leaving you revitalized and ready to  LIVE Your Life.


It’s never too late to start……so let’s begin!



I was introduced to Bikram yoga in 2000. Not too long after becoming certified in the Fall of 2001 I went on to tour with The Lion King musical. As a professional performing artist, yoga enabled me to maintain the health of my mind, body & spirit during a highly demanding time. My joy is to pass along this practice to others to maintain a balanced and inspired life. I've been kickin’ butts into shape with Inferno Hot Pilates since 2016 and very much looks forward to seeing YOU in the room


I was born and raised in former Czechoslovakia. I'm schooled in culinary arts, hotel management and marketing. After completing my degrees I decided to go to see the "world". I came to the US as a chef and was enjoying it a lot and getting ready to open my own restaurant. At the same time I was doing some modeling which required lots of time in the gym. Being and chef and being a model is not the best combination. One personal trainer told me, that I need to stretch more. She told me about Bikram Yoga. In my first Bikram Yoga class I almost died, but that night I knew that THIS IS IT, and I was hooked.


I practiced a lot, I spent less and less time in the gym. People started asking me what I do different, because whatever it is, it works well. I had a hard time explaining how and why it works, so not even a year later in spring 2009 I decided to go to Teachers Training in Palm Desert. I spent 9 weeks there, the best time of my life. When I came back to Vermont, where I was still a chef, I realized that people in my restaurant loved me for about 90 min, while they were enjoying my food and having fun, but then when they left feeling stuffed and guilty, they kind of hated me for while. In yoga, people hate me for 90 min, when I'm telling them to do weird stuff with their bodies, but then they love me forever. And cooking people is much more fun! So a couple of months later I quit my job and became a traveling yoga teacher. I was traveling and teaching for about 4 months and my last "stop" was in San Diego. I planned to stay for few weeks, but somehow I've been here more than year. I guess I found what I was looking for, I'm home ;)


I'm loving my new life. It's awesome to be able to share with people all that I've learned from Bikram and to see how their lives change. I still have a lot to learn and I'm willing to do so step by step, one breath at the time. I hope to see you all in hot room soon, NAMASTE ;-)


It’s never too late 

Never too old 

Never sick 

Never too bad to start from scratch!!!!

Let’s start together!!😊🙏

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The yoga we teach at Anda Yoga House


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The Studio


Like other studios we are a peaceful place, but what makes us special is our instructors and our attendees - like you. Drop in for a session and see the difference you bring to our special dynamic.

Oak Tree Plaza

9375 Mira Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92126

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